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I write on diverse topics from women's abortion travels to the 1979 Iranian revolution to contemporary conspiracy theories. These have featured on  a range of platforms.  My work is represented by Kate Johnson of Wolf Literary Agency, New York.   

Sporty Lesbians and Fit Feminists, a Digital Map, Pride Revolution Exhibition, State Library of New South Wales, February  2023. 

The Radical 70s and 80s: A Timeline, People Make Television Exhibition, Raven Row Gallery, February 2023

"They Say it is Love, We say It is Unwaged Work" — Fifty Years of Fighting for Wages for Housework, Impact/Les Glorieuses, January 2023.

What an Archive of Testimonials Tells Us About Abortion Before Roe, Literary Hub, June 2022. 


Let them Know By Signs, The White Review, no. 33 June 2022 [with Taushif Kara]

Global Feminisms: Series Introduction, History Workshop Online, March 2022

'Feminist & Radical Histories at Newnham, Newnham College Cambridge, March 2022 [with Paula Keller] 


Technology will Save Us?: Feminist Uses of Technology, University of Cambridge Faculty of History, November 2021


‘I looked at my vagina and it was beautiful' Feminists Reclaim the Speculum, The Victoria & Albert Museum, October 2021


 A Web, a Glitch, A Trap: On Glitch Feminism, The White Review, November 2020

When the Revolution Left Kate Millett Behind, Public Books, September 2020 [with Taushif Kara]


Dreams of something better: Exploring childcare alternatives  neighbourhood cooperative nurseries to ‘My Mum is on Strike', Doing History in Public, August 2020


Covid 19, Mutual Aid and the Small Rhythms of Life, Meanjin, June 2020 is a Corporate Highjack, Novara Media, March 2020


Selling ‘books that change lives’: Talking to Gail Hewison of The Feminist Book, Sydney, The Business of Women’s Words Project, University of Sussex, March 2020

'Tidying up' and 'Sparking Joy' with Marie Kondo in a time of crisis, Overland, May 2019

This is how a strike sparked International Women’s Day and why we’re planning to do it all over again, The Independent, March 2019  [with Claire English]


My Best Friend’s Wedding’, Overland, December 2018

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